Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Taco Bell Everything Dies

I didn’t watch much television this weekend (Sundays and Mondays are my weekend). I know big football game and all that. During the little bit of television I did watch I was repeatedly subjected to Taco Bell’s newest commercial where they try to tell us they are actually using meat in their tacos now. I think that’s what they were saying, because I wasn’t paying much attention to the people talking. No, I had heard something in the background and I was instantly hooked.

I was actually going to link to the commercial, but Taco Bell hasn't even uploaded it to their website yet. The song is from one of my favorite bands, Mariachi El Bronx and is titled “Everything Dies.” Take a listen to the link up above and the next time Taco Bell interrupts your favorite show listen to the background music. Don’t take this as an angry post either, I’m glad the guys are getting some kind of recognition and hopefully a fat check came with it. It won’t get me to actually eat at a Taco Bell though, it’s been years since I’ve set foot in one.

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