Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Heart is on Fire

Last Saturday I discovered something very wonderful and very Halloweeny; Elvira is back on TV! Back on her little red couch the Mistress of the Dark is hosting a brand new version of Movie Macabre. It’s the same old formula, Elvira shows up before and after commercials, cracks some jokes, and shows some classic B movies.

Check your local listings, it might be under Evira’s Movie Macabre or it might just be listed as the movie title (that’s how it was for me). The guide said The Giant Gila Monster was supposed to be on. When I clicked over to it, there was Elvira vamping it up and introducing the Brain that Wouldn’t Die.

The best part is this doesn’t look to be just a Halloween thing. That means we get lots of boob jokes and bad movies far past the 31st. This is fantastic news to me. I love Elvira and I think she is hysterical. Some people can get away with telling bad jokes and puns and still make them funny somehow. And yes, she still looks amazing.

I missed the days of hosted horror movies. Elvira was always a favorite, but I miss seeing Gilbert Gottfried showing things like Flesh Eating Mothers on USA Up All Night too. Not to mention Joe Bob Briggs on Drive-In Theater and Monstervision (that jingle still gets in my head some days). Joe Bob is a personal hero. Yes I know about Svengoolie, but I’m not in Chicago so that doesn’t do me too much good.

Back to Elvira, the movies shown so far or are scheduled to show are Night of the Living Dead, The Terror, The Giant Gila Monster, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, and Scared to Death. With all the Halloween parties starting to pop up, I know my Saturdays are about to get busy. But my DVR is already set; I’m not missing another minute.

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