Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Book Trouble

In September I picked up a new book series and got very into it. It was an incomplete trilogy at the time, but luckily for me the third book released a month after I had finished the second book. The actual book series isn’t the topic here today, so that really isn’t important. This is more about the third book in the series and more specifically how messed up my printing of the book is.

The picture above is of pages 48 and 49; or where they should be. Page 47 is right before them and page 50 is right after it. Obviously I wasn’t expecting random blank pages when reading. It confused me but I was reading late at night. There was no chance to run the book back to the store and replace it. Besides, it was only two pages. I’m a fairly smart guy, I figured I could piece together what happened and just continue reading.

There are five pages that look like exactly like what is pictured above. I guess it is really ten pages, not five since that is two separate pages. The printing just runs onto both the full page and the jagged one. I actually haven’t reached those pages yet, I just found them while flipping through the book looking for more blank pages. If the two pages are held together you can at least read them, so it makes them better then the blank pages at least.

Finally we have the third printing mishap. As you can see it looks just like the pages I was talking about just a moment ago, but this time we don’t have the jagged half page that contains half of the text on the page. There are three pages like this. I could probably piece together what is going on, but after blank pages, jagged cut pages, and half blank pages this book just needs to go back to the store. I did flip through another copy of the book the other day and did not see any of the issues that happened to my copy.

So has anyone else gotten a book like this before?


  1. I bought a copy of a Stephen King book once that had about 50 pages missing and the previous 50 pages repeated in it. The store took it back but the clerk fussed at me since it might end up being worth money and I should keep it and buy another copy. I said probably not. I also got a comic once that was printed like that. The entire ending was missing and I had the middle pages twice. I wrote the writer and he sent me a new copy (and some other goodies too).

  2. Which Stephen King book was it? I've been searching for a rare mis-printed 50 from him.

    Yeah, totally joking. Good call on returning it.

    That's very cool to hear the writer took care of you on the comic.



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