Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Gifts for the Non-Comic Fan

With Thanksgiving behind us the avalanche of Christmas themed items is upon us. The radio stations are playing the songs, the televisions channels are dusting off those Christmas specials, and ever geek related website is getting a list of potential gifts for you to give to your non-comic reading fans. Every year I see the lists of trade paperbacks and other comic paraphernalia; all I can do is shake my head. If I know a friend or family member doesn’t like comics, I have the perfect gift for them….SOMETHING OTHER THEN COMICS. A nice bottle of booze, a video game, a movie they like, etc…

I realize that the comic book community is shrinking; it does need new readers to survive. You can absolutely be an ambassador to your hobby and promote it all you want. Are you really helping things along by handing out comics as presents to your non-comic reading buddies? Can you imagine if people who were interested in other hobbies did that? I have a friend that likes to golf; I can happily say I’ve never gotten a golf related gift.

So this year save that copy of Watchmen for later and go get your friends something they really want.

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