Saturday, September 22, 2012

Do It Anyway

Earlier this week Ben Folds Five released their new video of the song “Do It Anyway.” I have to admit I’m not a giant fan of Ben Folds, so this wasn’t something I was anticipating. But if you fill a video full of Fraggles I’ll watch it. It’s not just Fraggles either, this video is full of people I like.

I usually prefer Muppet Show stuff to Fraggles. There was a traveling Jim Henson exhibit a few years ago. My wife and I downloaded the podcast tour and spent about 2 hours walking around. It was laid out chronologically, so the Fraggle portion of the exhibit was at the very end. Of course the podcast was talking about the Jim passing away. So there we are, both wearing headphones, staring at puppets, and crying like babies. I appreciate Fraggles much more now that I know how much they meant to Jim and after reading how they were presented in other countries.

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