Tuesday, September 18, 2012


That F’ing Monkey is back! Did you miss us? I have to admit that even though I was very stressed during the break there were many times things popped up that I was dying to talk about on the site. Also, I came up with a new addition to the site that we’ll be talking about soon. But today, today we’re talking about Robocop. Because I love Robocop.

Robocop came out in 1987. I wanted to see it in the theaters, but I had to wait until 1988 when it came out on VHS. I would have been 11 when I bought the VHS tape. That first summer I watched Robocop every day of summer vacation. If I was home, before I did anything else I watched Robocop. I still remember getting caught by a friend’s mom when we snuck into Robocop 2. It might have been that I was from the Detroit area, but I just connected to Robocop. Toys, video games, and comics; I loved all of it.

The news of a remake didn’t thrill me, but I was cautiously optimistic. We have to be honest here, the second movie was very flawed and everything that followed it got progressively worse. So I wanted to see the remake do well, but I was bracing myself for disappointment. Well I got it. Above is the picture of the new Robocop. So bland. He looks like a generic video game bad guy, an extra from Tron, or one of those suits in the first GI Joe movie. One of the most iconic designs I know had been replaced by one of the most generic. I’m actually sad.

Don’t thing that ED209 gets any better treatment. The fantastic looking robot in the first movie gets a makeover that would make it look at home in the Transformers movie. Jagged lines are everywhere. The original looked like something that could actually be built, this design looks like something that crashed to the earth.

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