Wednesday, March 28, 2012

666, I’m loving it!

Have you noticed all the fast food chains promoting their fish sandwiches lately? It’s an easy indicator that we are in the middle of Lent. For those not of a Christian bent, Lent is an observance that lasts from Ash Wednesday till the day before Easter. One of the ways it is observed is by fasting. Over the years that fasting has evolved to most participants eating fish and no other meat. Some only do this on Fridays, so do it for all of Lent. So believe it or not, there is a religious reason for things like McFish Bites.

Because I had known all of this, it didn’t surprise me when I saw the most recent McDonalds commercial showing that I can get two of their Filet-O-Fish sandwiches for 3.33. I thought the price was a little strange, but I didn’t think much of it. The commercial went on to inform me that I could also get two of their medium French fries for 3.33. Again, it was a strange price. Sure it was the number 3 (it’s a magic number) repeated three times, but there was something else bothering me about it.

Now that really got me thinking. 2 Filet-O-Fish and 2 medium fries are 6.66. McDonalds currently has a deal aimed at Christians, that if you take full advantage of it will total up to the Mark of the Beast. Sure, I get that sales tax will keep it from ringing up at 666; just adding drinks to the order will change it completely. Still, behind all those holy fish sandwiches is the Number of the Beast.

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