Saturday, March 24, 2012

Citadel Paint Chart

Games Workshop has just announced their changes to the Citadel Paint range and they are huge. We knew it was coming. Months ago Games Workshop was changing how retail stores ordered their paint restocks, so something had to be up. Then in early March the real details began to leak. This wasn’t a change to bottles or anything; this was a change to everything. The line was expanding up to 145 items and every paint in the old line was being renamed.

Now I am very color blind. Not just red/green either. I don’t see in black and white or anything, but I have a lot of trouble differentiating shades. Because of that, I’m very conscious of my color choices. When playing video games if the colors in the character creator aren’t labeled, I have to call my wife over double check my selections. I’ve made a couple people have green tinted skin because I was trying for Asian or tanned. So when I started playing Warhammer 40K again I studied numerous other peoples painting techniques for Salamander marines. When I was ready, I had a list of the paint names I needed.

Thankfully Games Workshop created the Citadel Conversion Chart. This is my new best friend. When the news that changes were coming hit I did buy another pot of the paint most important to my army, but even that won’t last forever. I’ve shown off my Salamander Marines, and each of them requires two coats of what used to be known as Snot Greet. Now (when I finally run out of what I have) it’ll be Warpstone Glow. My beloved Boltgun Metal is now Leadbelcher. Oh and the most vile smelling thing in the world, Badab Black is now Nuln Oil. At least the names are still ridiculous.


  1. Out of curiosity, because I don't know how that game works, do you lose points or something if your army isn't painted correctly? It does sound like fun to literally making your army but I'm just wondering if you can get creative or if there are set rules for painting. And I rather like the paint names, both old and new :D

    1. Nope, you can paint your army any way you see fit. It does not affect the game. Ken just happens to play a specific chapter of marines that has it's set color scheme and heraldry.

    2. Exactly what Brandon said. You can paint your army how ever you want. I really like the background story of the Salamander army, so I wanted to make sure I made them recognizable as such.

  2. Neat-O!

    And those are some pretty detailed guys there! I don't have a steady enough hand (or skill, or patience) to do that. I admire you guys



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