Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hangover Thursday: Man Tables

It’s Hangover Thursday, how’s your head? Mine is currently clear. I had planned to go drinking last night but there was a last minute switch-a-roo and it looks like I’ll be going out for drinks tonight. That’s okay though, I need my wits about me this morning because we’re doing this Hangover Thursday like mother fucking gentlemen. Today we’re talking about a piece of furniture that will keep you within arm’s reach of your favorite beer without looking like you live in a frat house.

Enter the Man Table. Man Tables take Amish crafted end tables and turn them into beer coolers. This is something important people. This is a level of sophistication far above the beer fridge out in the garage or on the patio. This is a stylish piece of furniture right next to your favorite couch or recliner. This is no one but you knowing you have a six pack chilled and ready whenever you want it.

I’m seriously impressed with this idea. The table comes in three finishes; Tobacco, Espresso, and Black. They’ll also run you between 329 and 359. When looking at that figure it is important to remember that the price includes the refrigerator. Some of the mini-fridges I’ve looked at come close to that cost by themselves.

Since I don’t own one of these masterpieces, I’ve shamelessly used pictures from their own gallery. Make sure you go to their website and check them out for yourself. I’ve got to go figure out how to convince my wife we need a new end table.

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