Friday, November 23, 2012

Flash Friday: Black Friday Sales

Happy Flash Friday everyone! Hopefully everyone had a good Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving is an odd thing. Some people have it off, some people have to work it like a normal day, some people shop like crazy, and poor retail workers have to put up with the craziness. I’ve always been more of an online shopper anyway, so having to come into work today didn’t really hurt me. Because I do shop online I saw that Stylin Online has some crazy deals going on this weekend.

Just in their Flash section they have a huge selection of items at huge mark downs. The Flash Track jacket is down to 15 dollars. There are a number of different Flash shirts under 10 dollars. Some of them are under 5. It appears they are burning through their back stock, so if you see something you like it’s probably a good idea to order it quick. Also I wanted to point out, That F’ing Monkey is affiliated with Stylin Online and we aren’t getting anything for this post today. I just say some great deals and wanted to make sure everyone else got to see them

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