Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hangover Thursday: Whisky Advent Calendar

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m sure it’s going to be Hangover Friday for a lot of people tomorrow. There is no escaping the holidays now. It’s going to be December before you know it and then people will be counting the days to Christmas. As a kid we used to count the days with an Advent Calendar, getting a cheap piece of chocolate every day. If only there were Advent Calendars for grown up; with good things inside them like booze and hookers. Okay, so maybe not hookers, but certainly we can booze it up a little can’t we?

Master of Malt sure thinks so. They are making a Whisky Advent Calendar. Master of Malt already something they calls Drinks by the Dram, but this time they’ve really outdone themselves. 24 little doors reveal 24 different bottles with 3cl of whisky. It isn’t cheap; it’s going to run you around 240 dollars. Just think though, for 24 days you’ll be able to wake up and know that an exciting new whisky is waiting for you.

In case you’re more of a gin drinker, there is also a Ginvent Calendar. It’s the same concept, 24 little doors and 24 little bottles. The gin calendar is quite a bit cheaper; it’s just under 130 dollars. I’ve never been a big gin drinker, but you know Milk and Cheese always said it makes a man mean. Anyway, check out for yourself.

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