Saturday, November 3, 2012

Warhammer Weekend

Hey everyone. It’s going to be a short update today. I got the invite to spend this weekend playing plastic army men and I jumped at the chance.

I also wanted to share some pictures I took recently. I picked up the Strenguard Weapon upgrade pack for an upcoming addition to my army. The upgrade kit is fairly new and I didn’t see many pictures of it before ordering it. One of the big concerns was they pictures of the kit on Games Workshop’s own website didn’t do the pieces any favors.

The kit is resin, or Finecast as GW calls it. Finecast doesn’t have a great reputation among a lot of gamers. This is actually the first Finecast piece that I’ve picked up for my own use. I can happily say that all the weapons are defect free. One of the lightning claws doesn’t look straight, but that will be an easy fix should I ever try to fix it.

Anyway, I should be commanding my Salamander army by the time you read this. So wish me luck, I think I’m going to be the most inexperienced person playing this weekend.

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