Monday, November 19, 2012

Prepare To Be Judged

As of late I have been on a bit of a Judge Dredd kick. I blame the flick Dredd for this. For it was quite awesome (super short review with no context: a bunch of rookie vs. veteran and cop movie cliches, but working together in a great way). To that end I decided to pick up volume one of "Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files". 

Having only read a story or two here and there through out my comics reading career I have but a passing knowledge of the Dredd mythos. He is a lawman in the late 21st century where most of America is a irradiated wasteland and the population has been combined into Megacities. Dredd started (and still resides) in the pages of British comic magazine 2000 AD in the late '70s and continues to this day. 

The stories that I have read so far are firmly ensconced in the '70s comics feel. They are fun and have a...lets say odd sense of humor. An interesting thing about the Dredd books is that time actually passes and the characters get older. Dredd starts as a young Street Judge and progresses and ages as real time passes. At some point the titular character will die and the story will be complete. 

If the only exposure to Judge Dredd was the god awful 1995 Stallone flick and you enjoy British action set in America's future mixed with a dark sense of humor and voice activated weapons, I would recommend checking out the Judge. 

Current full on Nerd project.  
Also we have recorded episode 0 of That F'ing Monkey's podcast and I am currently editing it. Expect it to be available no later than Friday if all goes according to plan. We will let you know on all of our outlets, including Twitter, Facebook and of course F'ing

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