Friday, October 14, 2011

Flash Friday: Squatz

Happy Flash Friday everyone! The DC marketing machine has been busy lately. I’m seeing DC themed merchandise popping up all the time now and it has caused me to be a little more cautious with my spending. Just because I’m not buying some of the new Flash toys doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them, so let’s talk Squats.

Squats were one of the original races in Warhammer 40k that have been dis… Wait, today we’re talking about Squatz with a Z. The Z makes all the difference here. Squatz are small plastic toys that come in a thick shell that dissolves in warm water. Their main play value is dissolving the fizzy shell, which can only be done once. They don’t really have articulation but for some reason you can pull of their heads and swap them with other figures.

I found the Flash Battle Pack at my local Toys R Us. In the Battle Pack you are guaranteed to get a Flash. The other figure in the pack is a blind random assortment. It doesn’t say if the random figures are pulled only from the 7 characters that don’t have their own named Battle Packs or if the whole line is up for grabs. The only other Flash related character in the line is Gorilla Grodd.

So why didn’t I buy it? I mean I’ve bought some pretty strange looking Flash figures in the past. I wasn’t digging the design. I think I need actual arms on my figures. The fact that the second Squatz was blind packed didn’t help either. If I knew I was getting Flash and Grodd I would have been more tempted. I didn’t really need a random Robin or Penguin. With all those concerns I couldn’t justify the 7.99. So what about you? Have you jumped onto the Squatz train?

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  1. That is why I ordered them on evilBay loose. Not for bad prices either.



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