Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fuck You Glade

Today is October 25th. We are just days away from Halloween. I’m thrilled by the amount of monsters and scariness that are on store shelves and on the television. All of the bats and black cats make me happy. And then glade went and did it. I’m happily watching television two nights ago and a commercial comes on for Glade’s new Christmas scents. Fuck you Glade. Fuck you right in the ear.

Look, I realize that a lot of stores have that anemic looking pre-Christmas isle set up already. I don’t like it but I get it. I know once we’re in November the Christmas songs are going start. I have nothing against Christmas, but please let me enjoy Halloween before you start. I still want to be thinking about witches and goblins, not reindeers and elves.


  1. I was in Target last week and was blissfully walking down the Halloween aisle enjoying all the awesome decorations to put on my desk at work, turned the corner and BAM Christmas decorations. I started ranting and scared a family shopping for costumes for their 5 year old. What the fuck? Why can't we finish one holiday before moving on to Christmas?

  2. Such rudeness from this site's owner and "Stephanie". Stay on the Halloween aisle at Target. Turn off the sound on the commercial. These are hard times and retailers and manufacturers are just trying to get you "in the mood" so you'll BUY. As to how I found your nasty blog -- I was searching for Frederick Delius' "Sleigh Ride" which is the music on the Glade commercial. Bah Humbug to all of you!!! Why did I "hide" behind Anonymous? Because this is apparently the year of the virus and I've already heard enough from you!!!

  3. Anon. Not sure you'll see this, but I'll respond anyway. It's December 2nd. Christmas lights and trees are everywhere. It's quite lovely. But if a store was already rolling out their Easter merch I'd have the same reaction. I hope you found the version of the song you were looking for.



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