Monday, October 3, 2011

How To: Make Glasses More Nerdy

If you have ever worn glasses you know that they break all the damn time. At least mine do, so the last time I got some thicker frames in the hopes of stemming the tide of breakage. It did not work. So with all the miniature toys I have been putting together lately I had some stuff that perhaps I could fix them this time. First I tried to pin them. Pinning is a technique used to put together larger and heavier minis. You drill a small hole in both sides you want to glue and use a pin (like a paper clip) to give support and more surface area for glue to set.

It did work for a few days, however with the amount of movement and all the glue was not really strong enough. So looking around my work table I figured I would use some of the magnets that I have sitting around.

So I drilled a bigger hole and preceded to magnetize my glasses.

And bam! I have the modern version of the tape on the bridge of glasses nerd stereotype.

Now after all that nerdiness that you don't care about here is an awesome video with Daffy Duck as an all powerful wizard...

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