Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hangover Thursday: Solo Cup Upgrade

It’s Hangover Thursday, how’s your head? I took a beating yesterday that only a Black and Tan could make better. It’s crazy how a beer can sometimes make things better. This last Sunday I did spend some time at World of Beer and tried a handful of new beers. Erie Railbender Ale was one of them. If you see this in your local bar or on the shelf, I highly recommend you grab yourself a couple.

Today we’re talking about the Solo cup. You probably recognize them. The cheap plastic cups that come in sleeves. They are required at ever kegger. When I started making Everbeer it was the only acceptable thing to drink it out of. A quick note on Everbeer, for those celebrating All Swine’s Day this January, it will be the official drink.

Think Geek is now selling a ceramic version of the red Solo cup they are calling the Party Cup for Grownups. 9 dollars will get you one cup capable of holding 18 ounces of your favorite party libation. It’s dishwasher safe too. Of courses you have to ask yourself if you want an expensive replica of a throw away item. Do you want a nice version for 9 dollars or 50 cheap ones for the same price?


  1. Jay the link in the article goes right to the Think Geek page that sells them.



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