Monday, June 4, 2012

The Thoughts, They Download Randomly

Welcome back to another Random Thought Download, wherein I have a few things that don't form into a post unto themselves.

Last week I talked about my school girl like crush on voice actors. Well here is a trailer for a well known voice actor's movie. Full disclosure on this one - I hate Family Guy, American Dad makes my eyes bleed, and The Cleavland Show is like watching a coat hanger abortion. However Seth MacFarlane is a pretty good voice actor. I loved his Johann Kraus in Hellboy II. "Ted" looks kinda funny, and the trailer has it's moments. Looks to be a fun change from the summer blockbuster season.

The finals for Lord Stanley's Cup are well underway with the Kings up 2 games to nothing on the Devils. I don't have a dog in this fight and these two teams are quite a ways off my radar. Still it is playoff Hockey so I am keeping up to date. Also if you had told me at the start of the playoffs that Los Angeles would be 14-2 going into game 3 of the finals, I would have had you put into Arkham for being criminally insane.

 And finally the post all 2 of you were waiting for. Last week DC stated that Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern, is longer in radio broadcasting. Oh and he is gay, on Earth-2, in the New 52. I have been getting quite a few texts and messages along the lines of "I told you Green Lantern was gay!". This is a non-issue for me. For one I don't care that a character I like is gay. Two it is on Earth-2, the one no one cares about. From the looks of it they have de-aged him from his old JSA self. At the end of the day I still like Alan Scott and I just hope that him being gay is not his defining characteristic and that he stays a fully fleshed out character. 

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