Saturday, June 23, 2012

Warhammer 40K Sixth Edition

In the grim dark future there are only rules updates. Oh and limited edition items. In one of the worst kept secrets of all time Games Workshop is now taking pre-orders for the new edition of Warhammer 40K. In addition to the normal rule book, there are some limited edition items coming out too. The two limited edition versions are both “while supplies last” so if one of them excites you, you better get your pre-order in quick.

The most expensive version is the Collector’s Edition. For 132 dollars you get a 452 page book printed on parchment-like paper. You also get an 8 page fold out, two 8 page gatefolds, and gold foil end papers. The book comes in a magnetically sealed, wardrobe-fronted box. It is also individually numbered; there are only 4,000 of these bad boys. It’s a beautiful looking book. I’d love to see one. I have no intention of buying one though.

The Gamer’s Edition is more my style, but it still isn’t cheap. 123 dollars get you a copy of the rule book, 12 dice that come in a neat tin, and the satchel. The satchel looks pretty nice. It has a place for the book and three other side pockets. The Imperial Aquila can be removed and a Chaos star can be put in its place. If I had a bunch of disposable cash at the moment, I might be tempted by this one.

Even the regular rulebook doesn’t come cheaply. This hardcover 452 page book will run you 75 dollars. The rumor sites are already filled with rules leaks, so it looks like 6th Edition is going to be a very different game. Since all of these lovely books are just pre-orders, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to find out all the rules changes.

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