Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dungeon Village

I’ve had at least one game from developer Kairosoft on my phone since I bought my first iPhone years ago. The company makes simulation games that are simple enough to pick up easily but take a long time to master. The first game of theirs I ever played was Game Dev Pro, where you run your only game design studio. Dungeon Village came out last month, it took me a couple weeks to hear about it, but now I can’t stop playing it.

Despite being full of knights, dungeon dives, and monster slaying this is not a RPG. Instead you’re tasked with running a town that will attract adventurers. As your town becomes more popular new adventurers will start showing up. Just outside the town is where the adventures were face monsters. You can watch these battles, but the only way you can influence those battles is by supplying the adventurers with equipment and healing items.

Instead you’ll spend most your time picking what buildings to add, throwing events, and trying to meet the criteria to advance your town to the next level. Items you come across can be used to upgrade the visiting adventurers or your buildings. So you have to decide if you want your store to make more money or if you want your wizard to have more hit points. It’s a unique take on the fantasy setting and can be pretty addicting. It will cost you four dollars, but if you’re anything like me you’ll be spending hours on this one.

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