Monday, July 16, 2012

Ultimate Weapon

So while moving last week I came across something that I had forgotten about...

That's right folks...The Death Blow. What is the Death Blow do I hear you say?

Well it is the greatest weapon ever conceived, a knife with a blow gun attached. Let me say that again, A KNIFE WITH A BLOW GUN RIGHT IN THE HANDLE!! Damn right. Let's take a closer look shall we?

Bam! In the handle!

It comes out and you have long range death! Pure convenient death.

Okay, seriously this thing was an impulse buy at a DragonCon one year. If you have ever been to a Con you know that there are numerous weapons dealers scattered about and you can buy just about anything. As our little group (of which Ken was a part of) walked by this little gem we all stopped. Then we all bought one. They apparently were selling like hot cakes (blow gun in the handle!!) so we had to have them shipped to us after the Con. We talked about the ol' Death Blow for most of the Con and it became a bit of a running joke for a while. Then like most things it faded into history, but now it is back...and better than ever! KNIFE WITH A BLOW GUN IN THE DAMN HANDLE!! Can one get better than that?

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