Friday, August 24, 2012

Flash Friday: Superhero Sexy Time

Happy Flash Friday everyone! I have to explain a little before we can jump into today’s topic of superhero sexy time. When I wake up in the morning the wife and baby are usually still asleep. I get myself cleaned up and make something to eat. Then I usually have about an hour of a quiet house to myself before I have to head off for work. I usually spend that time that time on the Xbox.

The other day I turned the Xbox off and went to brush my teeth. A few minutes later I’m walking past the living room I hear the local news channel talking about Superman and Wonder Woman becoming an item. It was not what I was expecting to hear on television. Of course they had no idea about the New 52 reboot and spent the whole time questioning how Superman could leave Lois Lane.

The super shack up got me thinking about the other long term relationship the New 52 broke up, Barry and Iris. Could it be time for the Flash to get into someone else’s tights? I am not saying I want to see these match ups, but I’ve come to terms with the New 52 Flash being a different character than the one I grew up with. So that being said, what super hero could the Flash start chasing?

Mark Waid did have Black Canary and the Flash share a kiss in his story Year One. In that story Barry went back with Iris. But everything is new and edgy now, so maybe it’s time to hook up with Canary. Barry and Oliver arguing is always fun to read, imagine the arguments this relationship could create.

It seems like Barry likes fishnets. There was also this very, very brief flirtation with Zatanna. This one was over so quickly that if you blinked you missed it. Still Barry must have really liked her to flirt with her during the time she was wearing her “sorceress” costume. And she called his mask ridiculous looking.

So Black Canary and Zatanna aren’t doing anything for you. How about Batgirl?

Too soon?


  1. I admit that your ending joke seems too soon with the way the new 52 is going and all marriages pretty much dissolved, save for Animal Man and Aquaman from what I hear, it's all so sad. You're use to these stable love interests for years and then suddenly, whoosh, new reboot and new love interest :(
    Speedster couples were always pretty stable too, I miss Joan, Iris, Linda, and even Rick Tyler.

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