Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back from CV

Spent the weekend at Star Wars Celebration V. Saw some neat things, drank a whole lot, and most importantly I saw a number of good friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. Outside of cornering artists for my sketchbook conventions have mainly become a meeting place for friends who have moved away. Now that it is all over though, I got it. Con Crud.

Happens after every convention, I’m sick. Can’t remember the last time I had a sore throat that hurt this bad. It has to be a combination of people from all over the world, confined space, drinking, and too little sleep. Because I still feel like crap, I’m going to cut this short today. I’ll leave you with a picture I got from Katie Cook. She has an amazing little book called, fuck you, box about the inner thoughts of a cat. This picture represents an everyday occurrence at my house.

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