Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Writer Hired!!

I haven’t been crushed under the pressure of daily blog writing or anything. I just a strange frantic idea forming in my head, much like when I decided to blog in the first place, I decided that I needed a guest writer. He is in Texas and I’m in Orlando, so he probably hasn’t read the text I sent him yet. He really has little choice in the matter though. One of my closest friends for years now he has had a giant list of nicknames (BK, Beatbox, Meatbox, Dancin’ Brandon) but his posts will be marked with this image:

 The picture is from the great Chris Moreno. The same image is where I pulled my headshot. There is no one better at doing strange Comic Convention commissions. Seriously, give Chris your money.  But back to the Cake Fucker. This year is going to be full of big Green Lantern news. Now I’m pretty well versed in Lanterns, enough to know that Guy Gardner is the best one anyway. But good old CFer has been a Lantern fan long, long before Rebirth so I’ll be relying on him for any doses of Nerd Rage or fans perspective.

So remember. The next time you see that image of awesomeness, it won’t be my inane ramblings. Oh and CFer, when you read this for the first time. Welcome aboard!

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