Saturday, June 25, 2011

Barroom Heroes

It’s a lighter update today, but one I still think is fun.   I finally saw the Green Lantern last night.  I enjoyed it a lot.  While it isn’t a perfect movie I do thing that the reviews may have been overly harsh.  As I was watching the movie though, and staring at all the Green Lantern symbols ideas started forming in my head.  So today I bring to you, all new alter-egos for Brandon and me.

The Green Lager.
He patrols the bars of his sector armed with a powerful mug created by the Bartenders of the Universe. The Green Lager must routinely recharge his mug at a mystic draft tap or be rendered drinkless.

The Flask
Gaining his powers from a powerful sip of White Lightning, the Flask became the most famous drinker in his city.

These are obviously not quality images, I just put them together in MS Paint for a laugh.  Today I’m going to be testing a new board game that may eventually be sold on this website. It’s in very early stages, so it’ll probably be a few weeks before you see more information on it.

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