Monday, June 27, 2011

Hollywood - Fingers Firmly on the Pulse of Society

So word on the street is that most Hollywood studios are not going to have a major presence at San Diego Comic Con this year. The reasons cited for this is poor ticket sales after tremendous showings at the con. I am shocked! You mean that showing previews and clips of nerd friendly movies to the exact target audience does not translate to the mainstream movie going public? The hell you say!

Just in case your sarcasm detector is on the fritz that was it.

How could anyone think that by touting your wares to a room full of the target demographic could be less than stellar? And then to be confused as to why everyone on earth did not go and see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World twenty times each? A flick that was based on a relatively small comic book and had a pronounced video game aesthetic. Huh, I wonder how that did not grab the attention of the movie going public. Now don't get me wrong I loved the Scott Pilgrim movie and I have never read the book. However I was aware of the books existence and the basic plot due to being immersed in nerd culture. I am also a massive fan of Edgar Wright. Therefor - vis a vie - I am the target audience. I believe that Hollywood might be doing the right thing in this case by not pinning hopes for a blockbuster niche flick on a room full of devoted nerds.

Now this might not be a good thing for the convention organisers, I think it will be a massive boon to comic book fans. I, for one, had always wanted to hit San Diego at least once before I died. That started to change when it became ruled by Hollywood. When that happened it lost some of the appeal to me. I just wanted to make it to the largest COMIC con, not a giant marketing campaign. Now that the pendulum seems to be starting to swing back to comics, my interest is piqued again. Hollywood will have to realize that in this age of new media there are plenty of ways to engage the nerd contingent and still get feedback from the normal public. Of course just the fact that it has taken this long to figure out that Comic Con might not be the best barometer for ticket sales might just mean that in the next ten years they will see that dial-up is not the only way to get on the interwebs. The only hope is that the trend continues and we can hear less and less about how the Twilight fans have ruined the con. Because honestly Twilight fans ruin everything.

How about you, gentle reader? Do you feel that this is going to be a blow to nerdcentric media or a boost to comic book fans? Do you think that Twilight fans ruin all things good? Let your F'ing voice be heard in the comments or on our facebook page.


  1. I think the TV and Movie studios should pull out of SDCC and start their own convention. Let them hype to the pubic all the trailers and promos they want. I'm sure it'd be popular. Let's get SDCC back to being about comics.

  2. Yeah, they need to start their own convention...with hookers and black jack.

  3. That's not a good idea, the3n I'd have to find money for both conventions, I mean nerds and geek stuff on one hand and then hookers and blackjack? whi can decide?

  4. My interest in going is re-peaked. Not that I'm not obsessed with movies and tv just as much but it's called Comic Con for a reason and it's about damn time it got back to that.



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