Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Max is Back!!

Lately comic related announcements have filled me with more dread then excitement. Not this time though, because there is good news about one of my favorite web comics. Max is back!! We have talked about Max Overacts before. Besides just talking about the comic; we’ve also sang the praises of Max’s creator, Caanan Grall numerous times. He is the artist responsible for designing our mascot Punch, so that totally makes him an honorary member of Team F’ing Monkey in my book.

If you’ve been reading Max Overacts you already know that the comic went on a hiatus on March 16th. Then, like a shining ray of hope the site popped up that Max was returning on June 1st. The wait was excruciatingly long, but Max has finally returned! If you’ve never read the Eisner nominated strip before, get ready for a wonderful story of a young boy who takes things to the extreme. Amazing art is joined together with a story that can be funny, sad, or heart warming.

As excited as I am about the strip’s return, I totally understand Caanan’s break on it. Making monies sadly gets in the way of the fun stuff we want to do. So go to and check out the new Max strip but while you’re there remember that Caanan has an excellent Etsy store that sells his awesomeness in paper and ink form.



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