Friday, June 17, 2011

Flash Friday: Flash Glasses

Happy Flash Friday everyone! I did some shopping while I was up in Charlotte that had an odd result. I picked up two different items that both encouraged me to do more shopping as soon as I got home from the convention. The first item was the DC Universe Jack Knight. I have a shelf full of Starman stuff and I had been eyeing the Golden Age Starman sitting on the pegs at my local comic shoo. As soon as I bought the modern version though, I knew I had to pick up the Ted version also. That second item is the subject of today’s Flash Friday, Flash drinking glasses.

I’m going chronologically here. So this glass wasn’t the one I bought at Heroes Con, but rather the one I purchased as my local shop. This glass was made by Pepsi in 1978 and was part of a DC collection. There were glasses for Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Aquaman. This was actually the second set of glasses Pepsi did with DC. The first set has the character in front of a colored circle and is repeated on both sides of the glass. As you can see on the second set they put the name and symbol on the back.

The glass I actually purchased at Heroes is this one from Toon Tumblers. Toon Tumblers have been making some fantastic looking themed glasses for a couple years now. I’d been waiting for them to finally do a Flash and jumped on it when I saw one for sale at the convention. I like how the Flash is positioned in front of the large symbol. The back has the logo and all other required company logos.

There aren’t a lot of things you can say about glassware. You can put things in them. You can drink things out of them. You can wash them. You can accidently break them. Because of that last item, neither of the glasses will be used. I just need to find space for them in my ever shrinking display case.


  1. I think I have the newer one somewhere in one of the boxes I still need to unpack. It's also going into a display case once I find it.

  2. There was also a Flash glass sold at the Warner Brothers stores back in the 90's, and the Nutella(I think) glass/jar featuring Mike Wieringo artwork. I'm only missing the Nutella one and the first one you posted.

    I'm still waiting for a coffee mug(that I don't have to order fromt the Phillipines and isn't based of of the animated artwork)...

  3. I chased down a 90's nutella glass on ebay a few years ago. It's the only glass that features Wally that I know of, plus it is Mike Weringo art! I miss 'Ringo.



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