Friday, June 24, 2011

Flash Friday: Holy Grails

Happy Flash Friday! All the talk about Flash glasses last week was fantastic; knowing what other glasses were out there was enough to have me hitting online auctions looking for more. I currently have the old Warner Brothers Store glass being shipped to me, so I’ll have three glasses in the collection. The comments also made be thing of those collection Holy Grails. Those pieces you’re dying to own but have never found at a reasonable price. I have three to four items I’d consider my Grails, today we're going to talk about one of them.

This is the Justice League Flash board game. Hasbro made this game in 1967 along with a game for Aquaman and Wonder Woman. I’d assume that other games were probably planned but since I really don’t know the origin of these, I can’t say for sure. A complete set for this game would include the box, spinner, board, 4 game pieces, and a set of 10 cards. I know the cards have the Flash’s head on one side; the other would have something rules related. I haven’t seen a clear enough picture of the rules, but I can’t imagine they are too complex.

Of course the real star of this item is the game board itself. The track that the pieces move on forms a giant letter F. The F doesn’t take up much space, so the majority of the board is taken up by crazy art of the Flash and other Justice League members fighting martians, robots, and dragons. While I’d like to own the complete game, I’d be happy with just the board. I’d probably end up getting it framed so I could hang it up. The Aquaman and Wonder Woman boards were very similar; the playable portions were made up of their first initials.

It’s sad that only three of the Justice League games were made. Just going by the faces on the cover of the Flash game they could have done ones for Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Batman, and Superman. Sure Batman and Superman have hundreds of games and Green Lantern has plenty of merchandise now, but imagine how cool a Martian Manhunter game could have been.


  1. I've been looking to acquire one of these myself for a, "Reasonable" price. Unfortunately, the price on these are not that. Now I am curious what the other "Holy Grails" in your collecting are. I know what mine are.

  2. The one time I thought I found a good price it was a dealer over seas and the shipping pretty much doubled the price.
    The other two will be eventual Flash Fridays.

  3. Between Devin and you, I feel as if I would just be riding coat tails or copy-catting if I started posting some of my Flash related items on my blog! That said, I wouldn't be at a loss for things to post about. Hmmm...

  4. I love the vintage-y artwork. I wonder if it could translate to an online game. I love playing backgammon online because I learned from a real board.



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