Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goon Movie…Not that Goon

It has been announced that Kevin Smith is making himself quite the epic movie about hockey. Hit Somebody (named after an incredible Warren Zevon song that we’ve talked about before) is not only going to be split into two films but it is also supposed to be his last films. I’m looking forward to it, but someone has beaten Smith to the punch. Alliance films is set to release Goon in 2012.

The trailer pretty much speaks for itself. I’m biased, because I really love hockey, so this one looks pretty funny. Obviously it is a comedy, but even still it is showing how brutal minor league hockey can be. I’m not going to get into a big discussion on the levels of violence and how it differs between the NHL and the minors. I will say I’ve seen more bench clearing brawls in the minors. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have more on these hockey movies as more information comes out.

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  1. As an interesting Hollywood note, Sean William Scott was signed to play the main character in Smith's "Hit Somebody" when it was first announced. Guess he really wanted to be a Hockey player.



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