Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Next Level in Office Warfare

Apparently Nerf wasn’t content with just sending foam darts sailing through the air. They’ve just launched their all new Vortex line that ditches the dart and shoots a foam lined plastic disc. From all reviews the disc fly further, straighter, and hit harder then the darts ever did. There are four different guns available out there at different price points. We’re going to take a quick look at them right now.

The Proton is the smallest of the Vortex guns. It is a single shot gun that costs around 10 dollars. It looks very similar to the single shot dart guns. For about 6 dollars more you can upgrade to the Vigilon. This pistol has a built in clip and can hold 5 discs. This looks like the disc equivalent to one of the coolest Nerf guns ever made, the Maverick.

At 25 dollars the Praxis is the cheapest Vortex gun to use the removable 10 disc clip. The Praxis is pump action and comes with a removable shoulder stock. It also has Nerf’s “Tactical Rail” on the top so you can load on extras like scopes or lights. Finally there is the big boy in the group, the Nitron. The fully automatic Nitron comes with a 20 disc magazine and an electronic scope (takes 2 AAA batteries). All that power comes with a 45 dollar price tag and takes 6 C batteries to work the flywheel. The shoulder stock has the ability to hold a space clip.

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