Friday, December 2, 2011

Flash Friday: Salamander Smackdown

Happy Flash Friday everyone! Today we’re talking about Salamander Smackdown. Much like yesterday’s article, even though the name would lead you to believe otherwise, this is not about my Warhammer 40K Salamander army. Instead today’s article is about a book in the DC Super-Pets line names Salamander Smackdown.

The book actually came out in August; somehow it slipped under my radar. Apparently I’m not studying the book releases in the 7 and up category closely enough. Here is the absolutely amazing description of the book:

The Terrific Whatzit, pet turtle of The Flash, loves to show off his speedy skills! He normally lives as his alter ego, Merton McSnurtle, but when danger rears its ugly head, he becomes the fastest turtle on Earth – the Terrific Whatzit! However, not all of the pets in Central City love Whatzit – in fact, two cyborg newts dream of being the pets of someone else – the Super Villain and the Flash’s nemesis – Professor Zoom! These two newts, X-43 and Bit-Bit so want to impress Professor Zoom that they hitch a ride out of the pet store and set out to make Professor Zoom’s evil robot come to life. Can two newts make a broken down, evil robot work again to bring grief and misery to Central City and will the Terrific Whatzit be able to stop this unbelievably powerful robot before it destroys everything?

Salamander Smack Down is written by John Sazaklis with art by Art Baltazar. I don’t have this book in my hands yet, I really did just stumbled upon it. Even though it is a kid’s book, I’m excited because I love DC’s speedster turtles. For years I’ve wanted a Russian Tortoise of my own to call Whatzit. Anyway, expect a full review when I get my hands on the book.

And just because he is awesome, one more picture of Whatzit.

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