Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old Republic Early Access

It started this morning, at 7am EST. If you listened hard enough you could hear people hitting refresh on their inbox. That’s when the first of the invite emails for Star Wars the Old Republic were sent out. Exactly how earlier your access was determined by when you entered your pre-order code. So if you immediately jumped when it became available then you probably are already in. I know I ordered around midnight on the first day and got my invite around 11am.

For those who waited, the game will be available to everyone on the 20th. I’m really impressed on how they are handling launch. I’ve been in from the start on a handful of MMOs and I think this is the overall best experience. The fact that I know my Guild is already waiting for me before I even start playing is a huge benefit. The ability to download the game days before launch was even better. Considering both Brandon and I are playing Old Republic you’ll probably be hearing more about the game soon.

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