Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Star Wars the Old Republic officially launched today, so I’m sure a tidal wave of new players are hitting the servers. Having spent the last couple days jumping onto the game when ever I had some free time, I wanted to share a couple tips that I’ve learned either on other sites or through my own trial and error.

Never sell anything you’ve crafted. You can Reverse Engineer it. You get some materials back and you may also get rare schematics.

You can store you crafting materials in your bank and still use them for crafting.

Shift + Left click is how you split up stacks of items.
/ginvite (name) can be used to send a Guild Invite to a character that is currently online

If your companion was left near death after a combat, dismiss and re-summon them. It is quicker than waiting for them to heal.  Right Click on your compainion's portrait for the menu to dismiss them.

Don't forget to repair your equipment.

You can view comparative data for Companion equipment as well as your own.  It is in the preferences.

AOE looting is in the UI preferences. You’ll no longer have to click on each corpse individually.

In your ability screen there is a power called “Emergency Fleet Pass”. You can use it once a day. It takes you to the Fleet.

When you train for level 10 you get to pick your advance class. Your trainer will have two tabs at the bottom. The first tab contains skills for your basic class; the other tab is for your new advance.

Your experience bar is at the bottom of your screen. The empty bar below your experience bar is for Legacy experience. It won’t do anything until level 30. You can disable it in the preferences.

Logging out in a cantina or on your starship will grant you rested xp when you log back in.

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