Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Axe Cop Trailer

Recently at Wonder Con the ADHD team debuted their trailer for the Axe Cop cartoon on Fox.  If you are somehow out of the loop on the Axe Cop goodness, here is a brief overview.  Back in 09 comic artist Ethan Nicolle was visiting his family and was playing with his 5 year old step brother.  Ethan drew 4 comic strips detailing the events of game they played and then introduced the internet to his brother’s imagination.  When those first strips began getting popular Ethan knew they needed to continue the story.  Malachai is responsible for the ideas and plots while Ethan provides the art and everything else needed to put the strips together.

Axe Cop took off from there.  It went from being a web comic, to getting published by Dark Horse, to getting motion comics, and now it is going to be a cartoon on Fox. We won’t actually see full episodes until July 27th, but the trailer already confirms that it will still contain the randomness that makes Axe Cop so much fun.

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