Monday, April 1, 2013

Cake Fucker: The Return

What's all this then? A post on Monday? I don't even check this site on Monday any damn more. I forgot that Cake Fucker even posted on this site.

I know, right? Well I am back. 

There is a caveat however. Shit's about to get real. Even with the unfortunate post date this is not a joke, you will get plenty of that all over the internet.

I have decided to refocus my life. In the past six or seven months I have gone way down hill. I have put on about 20 pounds, started smoking off and on again, and generally let myself go to shit. What brought this about you ask? Well I am about to open up to the Internet at large here, folks. I have what is called Dysthymic disorder, also known as neurotic or chronic depression. In layman's terms it means I am sad a lot. Most people that know me don't know this, even my closest friends and family. The main reason for this is that mental heath issues have a massive stigma attached to them which makes it really hard to talk about. You don't know if someone will reject you if they find out. Having depression, which comes with other things like self worth and body image issues, amplifies this feeling of non-acceptance. So you just don't talk about it. Well now I am.

So what does all this hippie sharing of feelings mean to you? Not much. I am still going to post about Comics, Games, and Booze with my own brand of "humor". It's just that sometimes I am going to talk about what is bringing me down in life. Not always, just sometimes. In some things I am going to be looking for accountability - such as quitting smoking for good - in others I might just need to get shit off my chest. This will be a way to do just that.

If you don't like it, fine don't read the site on Mondays you're not going to hurt the feelings I have left (even if you call me a pussy in the comments...I will just dwell on it for months). 

With the State of the Cake Fucker out of the way, come back next week when I will talk about the crushing weight of loneliness.

Just kidding, it is going to be about digital comics and way more upbeat. Promise.


  1. Good for you, I for one am fine with you using this as an outlet for everything. It will be good for you, and helpful for others to read it. Here's to a general upswing for you!

  2. Obviously Brandon and I have already talked about this. I'll say it again here. I forced/asked him to write on That F'ing Monkey because he is smart, funny, and I knew he would bring intresting content with him. He's my best friend and having him involved make running the site more fun for me. He has free reign to use Monday's how ever he sees fit. If next week he wanted to run "the Top 10 reasons I want to punch Ken in the balls?" I'd be okay with it. I'd be less okay with the actual punching though, I like my balls.

  3. Awesome that you shared this. Sounds like you have great support from Ken and probably more support from other people than you realize.



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