Saturday, April 27, 2013

Games Day 2013 Ticket

Brandon and I are going to Games Day again this year.  You may remember last year when I posted the unboxing of my 2012 Games Day ticket.  That was odd just because of the giant box used to send a matted print.  This time around I’m posting the ticketing package because it is awesome.

This plain white envelop came in a packing sleeve.  I didn’t really know what to expect inside it.  To be honest I didn’t give it much thought.

Inside was a ticket holder and yet another envelope.  Suddenly it was turning into the postal equivalent of a nesting doll.  Open a package to open an envelope; which opens to reveal a smaller envelope.   But wait, what is that horribly blurry smudge in my picture?  Why am I so bad at photography?

Oh, it’s just a wax seal of the Dark Angels symbol.  Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.  I know I’ll eventually end up throwing it away, but I didn’t want to break the seal just yet.  Remembering at a long ago convention I actually bought a Dragon Age letter opener I ran to my desk and grabbed my Grey Warden sword. 

Finally done with envelopes we have an embossed Imperial Aquila.  Not much to say here, but again it is just a gorgeous presentation.  Saying any more would turn it into that scene in American Psycho.

Finally inside the letter is my ticket and a thank you for purchasing it.  I’ve been to conventions all across the United States and I’ve never received anything even close to this.  Bravo Games Workshop.  You’ve certainly raised the bar this time.

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