Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Last Friday I mentioned my Flash display was going to be undergoing some renovations. In just over a year, I had outgrown the current setup. The biggest change to the setup I wanted to make was to add another display case. I even went down to the local Ikea store on Saturday to pick up a brand new one. The only problem was once I had gotten there, they didn’t even have the display model on the floor. When I asked different staff members about it I got conflicting answers. One said that it may be discontinued and the other said it was out of stock. It wasn’t just my local store either, it was all of them.

While I’m sure I scared some collectors out there, others are probably asking what the big deal is. The Detolf is a ridiculously good bargin. The almost all glass case has four shelves and comes in either black or “beach effect”. Besides being stylish, the Detolf comes in at under 70 bucks. Standing just over 5 feet tall, Ikea says each shelf can handle up to 13 pounds. The top of the Detolf is also put together so it is easy to add lighting to your display.

Hoping to get more information, I’ve contacted Ikea, but I’ve yet hear anything back. After checking out collector’s forums I got a little bit more information. From what I’ve seen they started getting scarce around March. Ikea has responded to some requests saying that there was a manufacturer’s defect in the Detolf and that has caused them to run out of stock. The last note I had seen said it may take a couple weeks; that was almost two months ago. I’m just hoping the Detolf comes back, if I get any more information on them, you’ll see it here.

Does anyone else have Detolf’s? What do you have in yours?


  1. I don't have one but I was planning a road trip (2 hours to closest store) to Ikea to look for pretty much this exact thing. Now I know to put it off for awhile. I'd need several anyway. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I finally got an email back, but the wording of it pretty much proved they didn't read all of my email. All they said was the Detolf was out of stock and they didn't know when it would be in stock.



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