Saturday, July 2, 2011

Versatile Blog

Writing on the internet can be a very strange process.  Not having face to face contact with your audience can make it seem like you are throwing your ideas out into an abyss where no one will ever see them.  Because of that, I really want to thank everyone who has commented on an article or liked something that has been put up on the F’ing Monkey Facebook.  Along those lines, Michael May, who I’ve talked about before, was recently awarded the Versatile Blogger award for his Adventure Blog.  Not only did he get it, he passed it on to five other blogs including That F’ing Monkey.

Needless to say I’m very happy that the site got any kind of award.  Specifically being called out for writing about all the things you like instead of just one is even better.  Per the rules of the award I have to tell you all 7 random facts about myself. 

  1. I prefer the original Mighty Joe Young over King Kong.
  2. My wife was dressed as Lady Jaye from GI Joe the first time I met her.
  3.  The song 99 Redballons (Nina or 7 Seconds versions) always puts me in a better mood.
  4.  Hammerheads are the best sharks.
  5.  My first game system was an Atari 2600 that I won in a McDonald’s scratch off ticket.
  6.  I really want to write a Wild Dog mini-series for DC.
  7.  I have a picture of John Wayne hanging above my desk because it was my Grandfather’s.

I’m also supposed to pass this on to other blogs.  Sadly, I don’t read many other versatile blogs and Mike’s was the one that started this off in the first place.  I do read a lot of blogs, but they are really focused on one subject like Speedforce, Joel Caroll’s art blog, or web comics like Raising Crazy

Everyone have a good weekend.  Play safe with the firecrackers.

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