Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shirt Update, F’ing Site Updates

It took almost 2 months longer then it should have, but the That F’ing Monkey store now has Girls’s Tees in stock. I did the initial order based on a poll I had up on the website, so there are a lot less of the Girls’s then there are of the normal Tees. So if you’ve been waiting for one, it’d be best to order sooner then later.

Men’s shirts are also still available in most sizes. You can always get to our store by clicking the “F’ing Store” button in the upper right hand corner, or you can click right HERE. These are professionally screen printed shirts. The men’s shirts are 50/50 and the girl’s tees are 100% pre-shrunk cotton.  The store site will probably get update pictures soon.

In other site news, we’ll be in auto-update mode August 5th through 9th. There should still be content going up but it may consist of shorter articles. Most articles I’ve scheduled to auto-post have gone up without an issue, so as a reader you shouldn’t see any difference. Between some family obligations and my birthday, my access to email will be limited during that time.

Last but not least, I’ve been thinking about adding updates on Sunday. I’d like to do something web comic related. If there are any artists out there looking to get something started let me know.

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