Saturday, July 30, 2011

To Serve Man

Let’s say you’re a member of an alien race with a taste for human flesh. No matter what you do you just can’t escape the taste of long pig. Maybe you cook them; maybe you eat them raw. That’s all personal preference I suppose. Now if you are a man-eating alien you’re going to notice a distinct lack of products produced specially for you and your tastes. Until now that is.

How about this Kanamite Cookbook journal from the famous Twilight Zone episode To Server man? It isn’t filled with actual recipes; instead it has blank pages so you can fill in your own. The journal also says “To Serve Man” on the back cover, so you don’t need a crack team of ciphers to decode the front.

Now I hear you, you’re saying, “sure that journal is great, but what am I going to carry my human sandwich around in?” How about this Twilight Zone lunchbox? Again it features images of the Kanamit from the episode To Serve Man.

The journal will cost you 10 dollars, the lunch box 13. That F’ing Monkey does not condone that actual eating of humans.

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