Friday, July 8, 2011

Flash Friday: Grodd

Happy Flash Friday everyone! Writing about the Flash every Friday can be a strange experience. Sometimes I’ll have two or three weeks planned in advance, while other times I’m scrambling to come up with a topic at the last minute. Today’s Flash Friday has been planned since last Saturday. I went to an anniversary sale at my local comic shop and came home with today’s topic, Gorilla Grodd.

More specifically it is the Eaglemoss Gorilla Grodd lead figurine. I’ve talked about how much I like the Eaglemoss figures in the past when I talked about their Wally, Jay, and Captain Cold figures. Although Grodd is new to me, he has been available for a long time. So what took me so long to pick him up? The standard figures from Eaglemoss usually only run about 15 dollars, Grodd is a deluxe figure and costs double that amount.

So the price had kept me away from the figure, but that is only because I’ve only seen it in pictures. The first time I picked Grodd up my opinion had changed. Eaglemoss figures are made of lead and Grodd uses up a lot of lead. He has some heft to him, I believe he weighs in around 3 pounds. There is no reason why something being heavier makes it seem like a better deal, but in my mind it did.

Like the other Eaglemoss figures, Grodd comes with a magazine detailing his history. The quality of these always surprises me. Grodd’s magazine talks about his origins and summarizes the big stories he’s been in. In addition to highlighting the big Grodd story arcs they also devote a couple pages to the other famous primates in the DC Universe. Anytime Sam Simeon shows up I’m a happy monkey.

So even though I was able to pick up Grodd at a discount, I do believe he is worth his full price tag. If you collect the Eaglemoss figures but have been holding off on the big ones, I say go for it. And just because I haven’t done it in awhile….KAPOW!

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