Friday, July 30, 2010

DC Comics Super Hero Collection

Welcome back to Flash Friday, my weekly look at the things in my collection that I thought others may find interesting. Last week I left off saying that what I’d be discussing would involve Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Captain Cold. So today I present to you Dc Comic Super Hero Collection issues 5, 30, and 52.

What is so cool about these magazines? Check out after the jump.

Each issue of the DC Comics Super Hero Collection comes with a hand painted lead figure. A single figure and magazine runs around 13 bucks. The paint jobs on all the ones I’ve seen are quite good too. I’ve yet to see anything blotch or not lined up properly. So it is pretty hard to believe that they come in with that price point.

The sculpts are also pretty detailed for their size. Although looking at the three I do own, the Jay one is easily my favorite. In fact, I’m going to say he is probably my favorite statue/figure of Jay that I own. The pose is just so happy and gentleman like. You can just see him tipping his hat to some woman after saving her life.

The magazines aren’t very long but are nicely put together. They tend to have information about the character, supporting cast, enemies, and usually some important story lines. This isn’t ground breaking information if you know a lot about the character, but I think they are pretty neat.

There is one Flash related figure I don’t have yet. Eaglemoss also puts out over-sized Special Editions. Being twice the price of one of the normal pieces, I haven’t picked up the Gorilla Grodd yet. I don’t know if he comes with a magazine too, I hope so though. Eaglemoss also does Marvel and Buffy. I haven’t picked any of the others thought I was really tempted to get an Iron Fist.

Currently I’m waiting on a package delivery, it should arrive in time to talk about it next Friday.

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