Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beer is in Session

After last week, I was going to try to slow down. Even skip the bar for a week. Considering the state of my head this morning, I have failed at doing that. Next week we’ll probably skip Hangover Thursday. Although on the 8th will be a marathon session at the bar, so expect a few more beers off my list.

Anyway, so back to my progress to get my own mug, here are beers 26-31. Flag Porter, Full Sail IPA, Bacardi Silver Raz, Blue Moon, Session Lager, and Session Black.  I'm going with one mass image again, I like that better then the split up ones.

Here are my thoughts on it all. Flag Porter is a fine tasting beer that I would order again. While I don’t normally like IPAs, Full Sail’s grew on me. Bacardi, ugh, I couldn’t get around it. I have to try everything on the list. It wasn’t fun, but I drank it down pretty quickly. Next up was Blue Moon, a pretty well known beer. To continue the mocking I got with the Bacardi my Blue Moon was adorned with so many orange slices it looked like a fist. They topped it off with a bendy straw.

Then I got to the Session beers. Wow. The lager is good, the Black is divine. Seriously it is an amazing beer and I need to track it down so I can keep some in my fridge. Session bottle caps also have Rock, Paper, Scissors on them. So if you and a friend are both drinking you could play to see who pays for the round. That’s enough for now; I’ve got to get more Gatoraide in me now. Still feeling pretty bad.

I drink to make other people interesting. --George Jean Nathan

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