Friday, July 23, 2010

Flash Friday: Young Justice Edition

ng Since last week was about a piece of art that celebrates Bart Allen I figured I’d take a look at something a little earlier in his career. Today I’m going to be talking about the most recent addition to my collection. My local comic book shop has a giant collection of older toys, statues, and mini-busts. The day after I noticed today’s subject sitting on the shelf the store had a giant sale where you could get one item 30% off. I wasn’t looking to buy an expensive statue, but it was like fate. I couldn’t resist.

So what is it? Check it out after the jump.

Here it is, Impulse in all his statued glory. Sculpted by William Paquet and based on Todd Nauck’s art; this was the second statue released in a three piece set. He stands 9” tall, 3” wide, and 5 1/2”deep. The base is created so that he interlocks with the Robin and Superboy pieces. He was released in 2000 with an original retail price of 175. I’m not telling what I paid.

The details on the piece are fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of the Impulse costume, even more so of the one in wore in World Without Grownups, but that is a different story. One of Bart’s defining features was his giant feet. Which are clearly seen here, little boot straps and all.

One of the cooler features of the statue are they used a clear material for Impulse’s goggles. As you can see in my pictures though, it looks like they turned a little cloudy. I don’t know how they looked when the statue was released, but the picture on the box shows them being pretty clear. A quick check to ebay shows that I’m not alone with the discolored goggles. I don’t think it distracts from the piece though, you can’t even tell from a few feet away.

Overall I’m extremely happy I picked up the statue. As happy as all those people who just heard that JLA: World Without Grownups will be reprinted in October. I already have the collected edition sitting on my shelf, but I’m thinking I may have to buy another copy in hopes that numbers will be good enough that DC starts more Young Justice and Impulse trades. Next week’s Flash Friday will be Jay, Wally, and Cold related; but that’s all I’m saying.

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