Tuesday, August 23, 2011

28 Days Later

The beginning of this week is like That F’ing Monkey Goes to the Movies or something. Brandon’s story immediately brought back memories of another movie that he and I saw together. This is to lighten the mood so we have a less rage heavy week. The story is (hopefully) funny, but is also a little sad as it reflects some of society’s views that don’t really make much sense. Settle in, grab some up some popcorn and Milk Duds, and let’s go to the movies.

The story starts about two months after the movie 28 Days Later had premiered. Our particularly run down second run theater had just starting showing it. You know the type, it used to be a nice theater, but that was years ago and nicer places have opened up around it. Now they charge a dollar to see a movie before it moves onto cable and DVD. The theater is dirtier then the theater down the street, but it is only a dollar. Brandon and I are with another friend and decide we need to catch another viewing of some Rage infected zombies.

We quickly loaded up on drinks and snacks; you don’t mind the costs as much when the movie only cost a dollar. The coming attractions were just about to start when we got to our seats, so although we could see there were other people in the theater we didn’t get a good look at them. The trailers are of course catered to the audience seeing 28 Days Later, so it is horror movie after horror movie. Finally the movie starts. If you aren’t familiar with it, it begins with a laboratory. You see a team coming in to rescue the chimpanzee test subjects. As they enter the lab we see monkey brain, cut open chimps, etc. The cages are opened and the Rage infected primates start killing everyone. It’s brutal, it’s bloody, and there is no way to misinterpret what is going on.

The action stops and when then the movie starts anew with a shot of the hero lying naked in a hospital bed. Here my friends, is the moment the mother of the year decides this isn’t the movie she wants her three children watching. Seriously, walking towards the exit is a lady and three kids that aren’t even waist high. I heard her saying, “This isn’t a nice movie.” Remember they have already seen dissected chimpanzees and numerous deaths, not to mention the trailers for eight other horror movies. A barely visible penis sent her packing.

I suppose that says a lot about our society. Violence is perfectly okay as long as no one sees any nudity. A nice tit is worse then a gunshot to the head. To this day we still joke about the experience. I do feel bad for the kids. I mean that opening scene could cause so serious nightmares; I suppose the penis could have too, but probably not as many. Tomorrow I have another movie going experience to share, it may be even funnier then this one.

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