Monday, August 8, 2011

Point of Divergence...or Flashpoint Monday

Welcome to Flash Monday the alternate reality version of Flash Friday!

We here at That F'ing Monkey have not really talked about the DC New 52. For those that just learned to turn on your computer, the New 52 are the re-boots of the DC comics line.

I for one will be waiting until I read what is going on before I make up my mind on this issue, so this is not going to focus on the 52. What it is about is the in universe reason for the re-boot...Flashpoint.

Flashpoint is kinda like The Age of Apocalypse, in other words it's all the characters you know (and a ton of really obscure ones you don't) changed in some way with different histories and what not. So far I am on the fence with what is going on here. On one hand I am actually enjoying Batman, on the other I am underwhelmed with the story itself.

I am liking the Batman character (Spoiler: it's Thomas Wayne not Bruce) in this alternate reality because he is a giant ass. He has no qualms about killing and does not really give a crap about anything but his own quest. However the story so far is just about showing off the strange new reality. It seems to have a through line, but it is really not keeping my attention. To be honest it is kinda boring. It is following Barry Allen as he tries to figure out what is going on while his memories of the "real" timeline are slowly being replaced by this new one. The "hey look at this, wierd huh?" kind of pacing is just not keeping my attention locked. 

As for all the tie-in books, all I am reading is Abin Sur: Green Lantern and Hal Jordan. Both of which are also not that interesting. Abin is written as kind of a pussy who does not want to hurt any one. Hal is just about Mr. Jordan as a test pilot and really does not seem to be very different to his old version. This may have to do with the movie and DC not wanting to confuse new readers. The most interesting character in the GL book is Sinestro (much like the movie...) who again is not very different, he is still doing what he thinks is right. So all in all not a great summer comics event for DC.

So what does this have to do with the New 52? Well it has been stated that the end of Flashpoint will lead directly into the new universe, so it may still be worth it to trudge through the rest of this story. If only to have some idea when all those new #1's hit the stands.

Are you reading Flashpoint and think that I am crazy? Let your F'ing voice be heard in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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