Monday, August 15, 2011

It's not spelled "Syfy" you morons

Syfy is the devil. 
Allow me to extrapolate. This does not have to do with the fact the the channel is firmly on the pulse of what an audience wants from a channel formerly know as Sci-Fi. Everyone knows that when you make the brilliant name change to Syfy, that it means more professional 'rasslin. It also has nothing to do with the incredibly well written and produced original movies involving one giant beast vs. another (which of course are fun as hell to watch...for all the wrong reasons).


Nope it is none of that...this time. The reason the think tank of executives of Syfy is the devil this time has to do with the show "Eureka".

If you have never seen this fun (actually) well written and acted show, it is currently is on Netflix instant watch. Syfy renewed it for a sixth season. Then promptly canceled it a few days later. Then after getting the cast and crews hopes up, then crushing them they then cut the last six episodes from the fifth and now final season. That is pretty cold blooded, even in the nasty business that is show business. I guess they needed the budget money for Mega Tubeworm vs. Ultra Snail.

In other awesome entertainment news, it has come out that AMC fired Frank Darabont from "The Walking Dead". It was first reported that he had, excuse the pun, walked away from the second season due to being a very busy man. Now however it is being reported that he was fired and the budget was drastically cut to make room for the next season of "Mad Men". 

I like "Mad Men" quite a bit, but when you cut the budget in half for your most watched show EVER to add to a show that is a critical darling, something in the logic does not add up. Guess that is why I don't make the massive bucks to program a mid-tier cable network. So expect to hear but not see lots of zombies this season. That has got to be rough for the cast also as it is a zombie show - no paycheck is safe. It does fit with the comic really well though, the humans are the real villains.

Finally, Austin Powers 4 has been greenlit. Prepare to hear that shitty voice in the office again soon!

And that is your asshole Hollywood update for the quarter. Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Comics, Games, and Booze talk. As always Let Your F'ing Voice Be Heard in the comments or our Facebook page.


  1. SYFY needs to be nuked from orbit and the entire channel rebuilt from the ashes. It's a damn waste of airtime now.

    It's the same shit they pulled with Farscape. They don't know crap about scifi!

  2. I will forgive them everything if they make a Sharktopus series.

  3. I could cry about this. I love Eureka. I don't understand how they could play around like that. And it's got to be a profitable show. And don't get me started on the Walking Dead. We'd be here all night waiting for me to invent new swear words to convey my feelings.



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