Monday, August 29, 2011

A Tale Of Two Jesses

Good Monday to ya reader! See I am already more positive than last week. Today is story time with Uncle Cake Fucker. It is a tale of generation gap and TV watching habits.

Ken and I were at a party drinking and shooting the shit when we hear a girls voice over the din of party goers. This voice caught our attention because the speaker was talking about how hot and sexy Uncle Jesse was. We both think immediately of moonshining beards and overalls.

When I ask this group of girls if it is the sweet beard that makes the ladies swoon I received a quizzical look. "Uncle Jesse never had a beard" was the reply. At which point Ken began to argue that he very much did possess a fantastic beard that was the true source of his power. As the conversation went on with both sides thoroughly confused for a few minutes, someone says that Uncle Jesse was portrayed by John Stamos.

Oh, THAT Uncle Jesse. The one with no beard but check out that mullet. For Ken and I "Full House" never entered the equation. It was not a show that either of us watched, let alone grew up on. When one mentions an Uncle Jesse "Good Ol' Boys" by Waylon Jennings springs to mind not a formulaic sitcom with one of the dirties people in comedy.

And that, friends, was the first time that I felt not only old, but the pop culture shift that I get more and more often. I mean really, what the fuck is the point of "planking"?

So which Jesse did you think of? Let your F'ing Voice be heard! In the comments or our Facebook page and I will see you next week.


  1. Well, there is this:

    Plus other Brandon has some unholy desire to see Chad and Stamos together. Probably because they both had amazing hair.

  2. So weird that I have odd memories of both of these characters. Gotta love reruns.



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