Thursday, August 18, 2011

Max Overacts Volume One

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Hangover Thursday for some important news. We’ve talked about our love for the web comic Max Overacts a couple times here. Max’s creator, Caanan Grall, is also the person who provided the art for our very own mascot Punch. In addition to all that, I probably bother the poor guy with too many emails.

Caanan is currently putting together the first collection of Max Overacts strips and he needs our help. Books aren’t cheap, so to help with that he has set up an Indie GoGo site. Much like a Kickstater fund raiser there are a bunch of different donation options and rewards. 25 dollars will get you the book, 160 a book and one of the original strips, 500 will get you a guest appearance, etc…

The book is going to be 164 full color pages and measures 8x10. Not only will it contain the first 142 strips, there are 12 never before seen strips involving Max’s sister. I really want this book. You should want this book. Caanan is also looking for information on your local shops and has wholesale rewards for those shops.

Again the link to make a pledge is right HERE. Please check it out and pass it on to everyone who would be interested.

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